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Track tools


LLC “RUSSHPALA” offers its clients all track tools, which are necessary for performance of repair works on the railway track. Usually, the offered tools are equipped with the motorized drive, so they are especially proper for different repairing trackworks. If you want to look through the delivery ways, click on the link. If you want to place an order, fill in the corresponding form and our managers will contact you.


Track tools are divided into several types:

  • Impact tool;
  • Vibration action tool;
  • Tool that doesn’t belong to the first two types;

Such tool is used when performing the repair works on the railway track (i.e. tightening/slackening of nuts and rail type mounting bolts, tamping of ties and iron spikes, tracks holing and polishing etc.).

The assortment of track tools, offered by our company, is rather diverse. Below are listed the main tools, which are frequently used for repair of the railway track:


  • Electrical units are used as a source of electrical energy for supplying the track tools which consume the electricity during operation. Usually, the engine of electrical unit runs on petrol or diesel fuel, so it may be useful in places with no electricity
  • Rail tool. It is used for tracks cutting
  • Rail polishing tool. It is used for polishing of rails surface;
  • Rail drilling tool. It is used for drilling the bolt holes for tracks joining;
  • Tool for tightening/slackening of nuts and screws.
  • Track-measuring devices and systems;
  • Special tools and equipment for rail crossing;
  • Gap adjusting tool for rail joints (accelerators);
  • Track leveling tool (panel-beaters) for leveling of track panel;
  • Rail jacks for lifting of cross ties, rails and other elements of the track;
  • Track machines;;
  • Tools of minor operations (rail car, hand cranes, four-wheel trucks, crab reel);
  • Hand guided track tools are macadam fork, rail tongs, crow bar, keys set, stretcher, heavy hammer, pick and others.


LLC “RUSSHPALA” guarantees the safety and functionality of the offered track tools.

Cooperation with our company is beneficial and safe!

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