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     “Orsk Treating Plant” is one of the largest producers of track structure elements. Plant’s management and staff guarantee the execution of assumed obligations!   

Principal direction of plant’s activity consists in production and treating of cross tie products.

All products are certified and fully meet the requirements of GOST. Except of distribution of cross tie products and permanent-way materials, “Orsk Treating Plant” provides services as to the vacuum timber impregnation.
     “Nizhny Novgorod Treating Plant” was established in 2011. Principal direction of plant’s activity is the production of cross ties and power line poles. The latest advances in area of wood treatment are involved in the production process.

The modern equipment and trained personnel ensure the production of high-quality products, which meet all requirements of GOSTs and European standards.

Treatment method – vacuum timber impregnation. The quality is confirmed by the Russian GOST certificate and the standard of certification system for federal railway transport.
    Principal direction of activity is preservation of wood with the oil-borne and water-borne preservatives through VPV method (vacuum-pressure-vacuum). The plant is located in Irbit of the Sverdlovsk Region.

The modern equipment secures the preservation of high-quality cross ties, timber strips and power transmission poles.

Treatment method – vacuum timber impregnation. The quality is confirmed by GOST certificate of the Russian Federation.

Exclusive partners managing the complex export supplies of materials for railway track construction.

The products are supplied either to all CIS countries or countries outside the CIS.

If you are interested in export supplies, visit the site of our partner.

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